Your email address will not be published. Thanks James. To me the Legere reeds sound good, they sound natural, and they don’t sound synthetic. Thanks for sharing. dutch rush is advised. As I get used to the feel of the Legere the less I miss using cane. I was playing on a Rigotti Gold 2 1/2 strong reed on a new D’Addario Select Jazz hard rubber tenor mouthpiece this week and thought it was a good time to try this experiment. Also be sure to follow BetterSax on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to stay up to date with us for news, giveaways, and other saxophone tips and tricks. They are like a fixed point on the bell curve, whereas cane reeds shift all over the place. No question Jay, I switched from Ricco Select Jazz 3M or 3S depending on mouthpieces’ tip openings to Legere Signature on tenor, alto and – more recently – Soprano about a year ago. : No question is dumb, but you've asked so many, I'm sure many posters wonder about it. Pay attention to the reed strength comparison charts. Love the videos, and wealth of information you share. Please help us understand why you need to do this. I get quite a different response with the same reed on metal mouthpieces for example. Now I know some of you out there who play Legere reeds have a staunch loyalty to them and feel compelled to try to convert everyone to your side. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. a reed being too wet or having lost its support. I was doing my service in the Representative band of Finland and they gave me one synthetic Légère Oboe Reed to test out :) ; Consistency – How consistent all the reeds of a particular maker are compared to each other. I was not expecting the reed … All jokes aside, I received some samples of Legere Signature reeds and I thought it would be interesting to do a head to head comparison with them and a cane reed. I'm wondering if the plastic just gets soft with repeat use, or if they start to crack or something. We do not offer returns or exchanges on Legere reeds. As far as the strength ratings are concerned, even for cane reeds, these are fictions based on some very elementary tests. I’ve been using both cane and synthetic. This is why my rating is four stars. They last a long time – but when they are done – they will let you know. Test the reed’s response either on the instrument or alone. Vandoren now offers a variety pack so you can try out several (4 I think?). Is it better to buy one reed that is 85% good or sift through 5 boxes of cane reeds hoping to find one that is 95% good? Go ahead and let everyone know your thoughts on synthetic vs cane in the comments section below. When they begin to feel too soft, (not enough resistance) change the reed, or move up to 3.0 strength. I know I do, and so stated. Episode 15 – Tim Elvy of Légère Reeds. My tone never changed and cost saving great. The bari exposes *a lot* of reed to your lips and tongue, and I just can’t stand the feel of a reed that feels like plastic in my mouth. Contrary to what Legere says, the reeds are not as consistent as one would like them to be. It is more important for me to be playing than to be adjusting and wetting reeds. So Why Even Try Using a Harder Reed? The 2.25 is a perfect fit for me right now. Required fields are marked *, Learn to play melodies by ear and improvise solos using the 5 notes of the pentatonic scale.Intermediate, Develop your ability to play improvised solos using the Blues style and language. How do you soften hard reeds (4s and 5s)? It gives me a good balance between resistance and playability. I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions for this. Top symphonic and jazz musicians have been using the Légère single reeds for more than a decade. We do not offer returns or exchanges on Legere reeds. The reed in question is highly playable throughout all registers with a great, full sound. Thanks! Legere Signature Reeds – From $38.99. The reed sounded just like my cane reeds only more stable and consistent in pitch. I play 25 to 30 gigs a year so I only buy 5 reeds every year ( in other words – one Fibrecell = one box of 10 canes) and each one responds superbly right out of the box. Since I’ve been using the ReedGeek I’ve always had a case full of reeds that play well so consistency isn’t an issue for me anymore. Intermediate-Advanced, Develop essential fundamental skills on saxophone. I’ve tried ’em all, and the only artificial reed I’ve liked is the now-defunct Kahn reed. I think they are a great fit for a lot of people. Music is about creation, not preparation! Start taking the Play Sax By Ear Crash Course. There are a lot of advantages. To my ears they were a bit bright.However, with the new Signature Series reeds I think they have cracked it! shy of that, take some material off the very back of the vamp, where it becomes bark. Legere signature synthetic saxophone reeds, “The Best Box of Reeds I’ve Ever Played.”, Saxophone Mouthpiece Play-Tests & Mini Reviews. Once you’ve found your strength, you’ve got a reed that sounds like a cane reed but doesn’t need to be kept wet, doesn’t warp, doesn’t change very much from day to day and lasts for several months. The reed is more responsive and easier to play, so with a complementary mouthpiece that works well with the reed and the adjustments I made to not work so hard to produce a tone, ended up with better results at the end. For me the Legere 2.75 is more like a Rico Select Jazz 3H and the 3 would be like a Rico Select Jazz 4S. The reason I'm asking this question is because at. Legere Bassoon Reed - Medium All sales final on Legere reeds. So, after prepping them properly, I shave down the reeds' vamps with a sharp pocket knife (carefully) until the reeds play well. Legere Bassoon Reed - Small Aperture Medium All sales final on Legere reeds. So before you start into me, hear me out…. At Légère Reeds we give woodwind artists the Freedom to Perform. You need to fill out a form that you can find on their website and send a photo of your receipt. 10 product ratings 10 product ratings - NEW Legere Reed Alto Sax Saxophone L430903 2 & 1/4 European Signature Reeds 2.25. Tenor Vandoren T45 java 2.75.all sax reeds are signature and Clarinet standard. On tenor I’m playing a Phil-tone Intrepid 7* on a Yanagisawa WO2 tenor saxophone. I still feel as though the Legere reeds are lacking a certain warmth and graininess that you can get with cane. It's easy to over do it and then the reed's "spring" is lost. If you’re a touring musician you don’t always have time to prepare reeds before a show. American Cut for Saxophone. I guess saxophone players are really frustrated with the inconsistencies of cane reeds and they’re looking for an alternative. They’ll get back to you with instructions on where to send your reed and then they send you a replacement. Beginner-Advanced, eBook with 60+ pentatonic patterns and 12 backing tracks in all keys.Intermediate-Advanced. Dear Jay, According to the Legere chart, the 2.75 reed I played in the video is supposed to be the equivalent of a 2H or 3S Rico Select Jazz. This is why my rating is four stars. Any suggestions? I think the Legere Signature reeds are great, and every saxophone and clarinet player should give them a try. The Vandoren Java 3 filed reed I played on alto was slightly softer than the 2.75 Legere Signature reed but according to their chart, it should be harder. Free shipping. Please contact Legere directly for information pertaining to returns or exchanges. Thanks for the heads up. . I bought my first Medium Soft Légère reed for oboe few days ago and I was really surprised of the sound quality. $24.00. The American Cut represents the next-generation of Légère saxophone reeds. Please contact Legere directly for information pertaining to returns or exchanges. I went out and purchased Legere Signature Synthetic Reed for my tenor. I’m still on the initial reeds having played them on average 3 – 4x/week for 30’ since I purchased them. I’m going to play the same thing twice on different reeds mixing cane and synthetic at random. The Synthetic reefs are ideal for doubling ,I find myself having to go from Clarinet to flute ,Alto sax, Picc and soprano sax .multiple times in the Pit. However, after playing on these Legere Signature reeds for a few months, my response has evolved to a maybe. The Legere's run at least a half step stronger … It sounds like you might be trying to use too stiff of a reed strength for your particular mouthpiece.
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