Btw, just a thought....the back panel of my laptop was shut in pretty didnt open as smoothly as on the youtube videos at all. Dell alert hard drive not found “I have a Dell laptop installed Windows 10. I am running an Alienware X51 R1 desktop computer, and the hard drive in question is a Seagate Barracuda 1000GB, model ST1000DM003. Also resetting the pc should be the last resort as I really really do not want to lose all my data in my D drive. All Rights Reserved. It was working fine this morning. I have run the diagnostic testing program before you boot and was ok. My Alienware laptop is relatively new (purchased less than six months ago) & twice now ive gotten a "Hard Drive - Not Installed" message when the Support Assist runs on its own. So i am 100% sure, this is a Software/Driver issue on Windows. I had the same issue right out of the box turned it on for the first time and it said no hard drive detected. Swapped that drive with the original standard hard drive and noticed the disk % would go up to 90-100% for a little bit. - One 2.5-inch hard drive [ Up to 1 TB ] - One M.2 2242 solid-state drive [ Up to 1 TB ] (SATA drive) - One M.2 2280 solid-state drive [ Up to 1 TB ] (PCIe NVMe) - One M.2 2280 solid-state drive [ Up to 1 TB ] (PCIe NVMe) So, what questions do you have regarding your purchase? 2. Hey everyone. Only the 128gb ssd is showing up. Someone please help! Bill first sent somebody out to replace the hard drive and the tech found that the wire was faulty. Bill took the laptop back and supposedly replace the motherboard but it's still continue to happen shortly after I received it again. Remove the base cover. But idk why the hdd isn't showing up. Steps 1. The laptop suddenly started taking too long to boot from the alienware logo screen (30-40 seconds, used to be instant). It won't restart and returning to default settings doesn't work. 2. Maybe Alienware can do a bios update or something. Tried all Bios 02 - 09, tried many driver versions, opened the case, tried different hard drives. Hard Drive 0 Problem [HELP!] If you still cannot use ATA or SATA hard drive for saving data, you can format the hard drive in your PC to make it usable for saving data now: 1. Finally when it did boot, my internal 1tb hdd is not shown. With time goes by, your Alienware computer will hold a plenty of data like installed games, programs, personal documents, work files, pictures and other essential data. Only the 128gb ssd is showing up. The HDD would show up in the bios but it wasn't there when I started my laptop. A few of these post in the last few weeks. Did a clean Windows install, formatted the second HDD, etc. Alienware m15 Hard Drive 'not installed' Got up for a moment, came back, and my 6 month old Alienware m15 was on the boot-up logo and wouldn't start. Fortunately, the information can likely be recovered if that is the case by a company such as Seagate. This is a very frustrating problem and I can't seem to find a solution for it anywhere online. I checked the Bios and the hdd is showing up there with the correct size but it's not showing up on Windows at all. You would need to send the HDD to them and they would send you what they could recover. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Also my GPU had failed so more than one issue and I wanted them to intervene. Received my new Alienware 18 on Wednesday. Follow the procedure in Before working inside your computer. Finally when it did boot, my internal 1tb hdd is not shown. Unplug the system and remove the base cover. A Phillips head screwdriver and a plastic scribe are needed for this replacement. The computer works fine & there aren't any issues finding or retrieving files at all bit since the computer is … Hi. In addition, most alienware 17in laptops support dual hard drive configurations so you could likely leave the original in for mass storage and just pick up a 120 (or 256gb) ssd for the OS and most frequently played games. To check to see if this is the cause of the BIOS not detecting the hard drive, follow these steps: Power off the computer. My pc was running and I put the screen down to put it to sleep. Not on the 30gb SSD? While Alienware systems come with tons of features, sometimes users simply wish to perform an Alienware hard reset for troubleshooting or any other reasons. Page 22: Installing The 3.5-Inch Hard Drive Steps 1. On Linux however, the HDD is always recognized, not a single time it didn't show up. Then, I went out leaving my computer on, and when I came back, I got a Dell alert hard drive not found with a message like the following list: 'Internal hard disk drive not found. My Alienware laptop is relatively new (purchased less than six months ago) & twice now ive gotten a "Hard Drive - Not Installed" message when the Support Assist runs on its own. I ran a chkdsk on the WD drive on another computer and it passed. Disconnect the battery and hard drive. MAKE BACKUPS AND RECOVERY MEDIA IMMEDIATELY . So I held down the power button until it turned off and turned it back on. Hard Drive not installed ‎05-02-2020 04:30 AM. On Linux however these problems don't occur. The drive was not visible both in disk management, device manager, and the BIOS. And also....i tore one side of the pull tab for the HDD i don't really know how am i gonna unplug it if this problem happens again without tearing the whole tab apart. So I purchased a new hard drive and installed it into the laptop. Ran memory test for over an hour and no issues. M14x - R1/R2 . Open the computer case and remove the data cable from the hard drive. Installed the HDD again and sure enough it now works fine. The OS is installed on the mechanical drive? (Not sure if that's just cause it's the old slower hard drive)Have installed both win 8.1 and 10 and same issue. Can you perform a system restore (it's different from a system reset)? This is a driver issue. Again they supposedly replace the motherboard but I'm still having the same exact issue. In this Dell laptop tutorial we are going to show you how to install and replace the Hard Drive & Caddy on your Dell Alienware 13 R2 (P56G002) laptop. Was this reply helpful? _____ Power to the Developer! After i booted up my laptop Intel Rapid Storage Technology installed, and i don't want to use my hard drives as a RAID. Second internal hard drive is not showing up Alienware laptop. Alienware Laptops. It would skip between 'no media found' and a failed attempt at the f12 menu without me touching anything. To me it sounds like the hard drive has failed. D drive is showing, all my data is there....only the pinned taskbar apps were missing. Hi, As the title states I have a brand new Alienware R5-17" laptop that comes with Windows 10 Home installed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I have the same problem since i bought the Alienware 15 R1. 7. Dell/Alienware had me send the laptop to their depot where they swapped my motherboard. Page 35: Hard Drive Hard drive Removing the hard drive Prerequisites 1. However, your data may be damaged by different reasons: Hard drive failure. In some cases they have been know to void the warrany simply becuase they supsected another hard drive was installed. To resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive. About six months later it started happening again and after I had seen what the tech had done to disconnect and reconnect the wire I just started doing that. from there can run a hard drive test. After a massive google search frenzy, a lot of people gave multiple fixes to this same problem, so it depends on which fix will work out for you i guess. These installation instructions have be made into 4 easy to follow printable steps. Be sure to check out the Discord server, too! The last time I used my device I left it in sleep mode and when I returned it would not restart, instead it told me that the boot device was not found and when I tried the hard drive check it said there was no hard drive installed. Power on/Restart the computer and then start tapping the F2 key when Dell Logo appears, the machine will enter System Setup. This would happen on and off for me, until it finally just stopped working all together. First:- Turn off the computer, press and hold the PWR button for 4 seconds. I'm not even sure what's causing the problem., Press J to jump to the feed. Later when I opened it the screen was just black. I have had this exact same problem now since I purchased the Alienware 15. Copyright 2020 Dell Technologies. Extra Tip: Format ATA/SATA Hard Drive to Make It Usable for Storing Data. About this task The following image indicates the location of the hard drive and provides a visual representation of the removal procedure. Someone else here has the same problem. Dell Alienware 13 R2 (P56G002) Hard Drive & Caddy Removal & Installation Learn how to install and replace the Hard Drive & Caddy on a Dell Alienware 13 R2 (P56G002) laptop. Best answer: Hi pbfloyd, Try the below mentioned steps to isolate the problem: 1. Everything went well (once I switched the boot up to AHCI and not … When I finally removed the HDD to replace it (no way I was going to contact dell for support, I'd rather wrestle a bear) I found that the cable to the HDD wasn't seated properly. Joined Mar 19, 2012 Messages 2,920. if its not f8 look at the bottom for a clue on what to press when booting up. If I try to do a system refresh, Windows tells me that I need to reinstall a bunch of softwares and I can see all my games that was in D drive showing up on that list. This was most likely caused by a poor build. Power … All my data is missing. Virus attack. Ask the tech support reddit, and try to help others with their problems as well. Had to yank it open from the edges with something sharp. I updated all my drivers and Windows, defragged the stock drive. Jan 29, 2013 After the initial boot-up, I shut it off and installed a Samsung 512 SSD, and put the 750 HDD in the secondary slot. 4. okay, so i finally managed to fix the problem. I wouldn't say the HDD has been, well, erased. ... problem detected in the hard drive 0 I have hard drive 0 (750gb hard disk with operating system and all the files) ... By the way, what's your setup? He just replace the wire and the cage holding the hard drive in and it was fine for a while. Browse Community Language EN. Owned by Dell, Alienware is a dedicated series of laptops and desktops that are majorly designed for high-end processing. Most Windows 10 users probably tend to use two hard drives (internal main hard drive and another external hard drive) for data storage requirements. Tried Windows 8, 8.1, 10. MattyB Moderator. This will take you step by step through the complete installation and replacement process. MSI GV72 - 17.3", i7-8750H (Hex Core), 32GB DDR4, 4GB GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 256GB NVMe M2, 2TB HDD . But i really do not why this would happen in the first place. Jump to solution. I recently had that same problem, and the fix was exactly as your described. press f8 when booting up... should pop up an advanced mode option. When I got the SSD, I went and removed the Optane stick from the motherboard and inserted … if it's not, and the system is under warranty - call Dell for a drive replacement. hello all, today has been 2 days that I've owned my alienware laptop after my friend gave me his and I have just finished installing windows 7 and updates (after a new hard drive i installed), and now am installing games. Anybody have any other thoughts? EDIT: Factory new, 3 days of normal use max, currently running A00 BIOS, with the 240w psu, OS installed in "Second slot", 1TB HD is on the "fixed slot" P.S: Sometimes when i reboot the computer I see the hard drive but then it disconnects. 3. Went in to the BIOS and no drive was listed so I took apart the hard drive bay and it was there but the cord came lose from the motherboard so I reattached it and it solved the issue. None of them ever come apart how they do on YouTube:(. Disconnect the data and power cables from the hard drive. Page 36: Installing The Hard Drive I still have an open case with them and I don't know what they're going to be able to do because it's a chronic issue and I think it was mentioned earlier but it may be a bad build quality. This is when the problems started. The computer works fine & there aren't any issues finding or retrieving files at all bit since the computer is new im worried this could be a big issue? ), More posts from the techsupport community, Stumped on a Tech problem? PLEASE POST ANY RESULTS. But maybe its a BIOS issue, albeit a strange one. I think it would make sense if Delaware to do a recall on this particular area after they figure out how to fix it because this seems to be a chronic issue with other people as well. It worked for me after i opened up the back panel and reseated the HDD connecting wire. I used a cheap USB 3.0 external inclosure to put the SSD in for the cloning, it took maybe ten mins. Slide the hard-drive assembly into the hard-drive cage until it snaps into place. All my data is missing. However, some of them might meet the "second hard drive not detected in Windows 10" issue now and then, especially after a … Alienware Aura R7 hard drive will not boot after removing Optane I got a EVO 970 SSD and went to install it without remembering to back up my personal files on my computer. (Sorry if this has already been answered or is tagged incorrectly! Drive is not spinning up If the drive is not receiving power or receiving an incorrect level of power, it will not spin up. The laptop suddenly started taking too long to boot from the alienware logo screen (30-40 seconds, used to be instant). Does your hard drive pass that diagnostics test? I then went through the whole procedure of putting an OS in and booting up the CD drive before the hard drive. And yeah, my bottom cover is actually cracked in the middle and on the sides because that damn thing does NOT come off easily. Good times. I treat it with utmost care, i assure you! Total Hard Drive cost: $198.98 Grand Total at time of build: $215.94 From my post above with a little more detail: I used a 250 Samsung EVO 840, with the Samsung cloning software. 2. It has a 256 SSD and a 1 TB HDD. Alienware Laptop running Windows not recognizing hard drive. Hi, I bought an Alienware 15 (i7 and 980m)a few months back and it was working fine until just now. Press the release tabs on the hard-drive carrier and slide the hard-drive carrier out of the hard-drive cage. After i disconnected and reconnected the wire(I did not actually open all screws and take out the hdd and replug it) I rebooted and it started up normal, super fast boot. Still trying to find a replacement part, but dell sent me a hinge. Or you can even get a warranty replacement order from hard drive manufacturer to see if it works or not. … Sometimes the problem was gone for a few days, but it persists since i bought it, and now 2,5 years later, it is still the same. Reconnect both and power up - check to see if the drive is recognized. "Your computer supports one hard drive and three solid-state drives." When I got frustrated with it I finally called Dale to complain about it. My hard drive is not recognized all of a sudden. I replaced the hard drive with the optical drive and it was the same issue of not being visible even in the BIOS. P.S.- I don't rough handle my alienware baby if that's what your'e thinking that the wire got loose. Then hold the power button for 30 sec. I just installed a second SATA internal hard drive into my new Alienware M17xR3 laptop. Anyway, in short...reseatting the HDD fixed the problem for me. 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